The story of rustables (so far)

One netlink message a day, keeps the packets always The context Back in late 2021, I started to work on a minimal QEMU wrapper to execute Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges for the THCon security conference. We supplied a list of recommendations for challenge designers, asking them to give us a Dockerfile and the sources necessary to reproduce and distribute the challenges. The idea was that we would host the container images and expose them to the contestants, who would then attack the challenges hosted inside, win points, be happy, and come back the following year.

A New Blog

Hello everyone ! I juste made a very tiny static website with the help of the fantastic Hugo. It’s a really awesome tool to build static website fairly easily. I really advise you to go on and try it out ! Anyway, the (short) sources of this website are available under the Mozilla Public License on Github: site-perso and its terrible corresponding theme: yaht. That said, if I were you, I would preserve my brain and curb my enthusiasm to check it out, for nobody likes to read bad code ;-)